What is ProphetAbility?

“ProphetAbility relates to being profitable while orienting toward the future.”

Tony Bodoh and Betsy Westhafer have spent nearly 20 years guiding executives from startups and award-winning brands through the process of disrupting their markets and innovating new products and services. 

They came together to write ProphetAbility: The Revealing Story of Why Companies Succeed, Fail, or Bounce Back, an amazing book that helps every executive or business owner to know what their customers will buy now and in the future, and how to influence their teams to take immediate action to disrupt and innovate rather than fall into analysis paralysis. 

ProphetAbility is heralded as a “masterpiece” and a “must read” for CEOs and leaders who want to run a successful customer-centric business because it provides critical insights into the human experience that show what works, what doesn’t, and why.

“One of Steve Jobs’ principles was to make sure you connect the dots. Tony and Betsy have done a great job of connecting the dots from Ancient Kings to modern day CEOs. One of the major failures of today’s CEO is to not want to disrupt the norm. This book is filled with stories, advice and support for making sure today’s CEO understands that sometimes disruption is the key to future success. Great advice for any CEO!”

~Jay Eliott, Author of The Steve Jobs Way and CEO of iMedGo

Read and study this book if you want to:

“Truly one of the best business strategy books I have come across and a must-read for business leaders.”            

~David Jacques, Customer Experience Pioneer

Inside ProphetAbility You Will Find:

  • NEW stories of executives and business owners who caused their companies to succeed, fail, or bounce back that will help you to gain insights into what works, what doesn’t, and most importantly, why;
  • INTRODUCTION to the science of human experience through the lens of positive psychology that delivers the key to replacing the tired and outdated unscientific approaches of disruption and innovation with a proven model that predicts what customers are actually seeking; 
  • EXCLUSIVE detailed description of what unfiltered listening is and how every executive and business owner can engage in it with their customers so you can discover what your customers love about your brand and what they want and need in the future;
  • ACCESS to the 7-step process to inspire your team to act on the insights gained through your unfiltered listening which enables you to influence your team and leaders to take immediate action rather than fall into analysis paralysis;
  • UNIQUE links to downloadable resources like the “CX Research Matrix” that are demonstrated in the book and which the authors have used in their own consulting practices. These resources make it easier for you to immediately apply the insights you gain to your business, giving you the ability to quickly create 25 or more ROI-based customer experience research questions within minutes. 

“This book deserves a place on every executive’s desk to be read, reread, and frequently referred to. Pass up these ideas at your peril.”             

~Mark S.A. Smith – Author, Speaker, Business Growth Strategist