Tracy Hazzard

Tracy Hazzard is an Authority Magazine and Inc. Columnist, as well as co-host of 4 top-ranked podcasts, including The Binge Factor and Feed Your Brand, ranked as one of CIO Magazine’s Top Entrepreneurial Podcasts. Tracy is the co-founder of the largest podcast post production company in the U.S. As a digital authority, product and brand strategist, Tracy influences and casts $ 2 billion worth of branded content and products around the world. Her innovative Podetize method and platform, provides brands of all kinds a system to spread their marketing messages across media types from video to podcast to blog, growing an engaged audience and retaining valuable platform authority.

Session: Authority & Credibility Brand Awareness

The strongest brands have multi-level and multimedia ways to communicate, connect, and provide products and services to clients and consumers. For speakers and entrepreneurs we call this having a power platform. For corporations, it is multi-channel or omni-channel. There are key success factors to building a multi-channel platform that has trust, credibility, and brand authority – this needs to happen digitally as well as personally. Tracy will discuss the characteristics and benefits of a service-first power platform that gets you seen, heard, and found by your ideal client or consumer.