Rose Macias

Rose Macias is associated with multiple S&P500 companies that deal with insurance and secure investments for wealth. She is now known as one of the most passionate women brokers in the company. She is a top educator for teaching individuals and businesses on how to keep up with inflation, not lose money in the market, how to create your own pension, and how to maintain wealth during in the event of death and illness. Rose is currently established with non-profits educating on financial literacy and has been asked to be an advisor for California Schools giving financial workshops for scholarships. Her biggest love is her relationship with Christ and her mission to give back to others, especially women. Today she considers herself a world traveler and a Woman Power Coordinator. She is on track to expand nationwide and dedicated to spend all of her life making a difference.

Session: Helping Your Team Members Through Personal Financial Crisis

With this world transition that we are currently experiencing, leaders have the opportunity to help their teams not just professionally, but personally as well. This includes helping them learn to navigate their financial futures by exposing them to resources that can help them with the knowledge they need moving forward.

Financial illiteracy is the lack of education about money and finance-especially personal finance. Throughout the world, it is chiefly knowledge that separates those with advantages from those who are taken advantage of. This session will help guide leaders on how they can help their employees gain the personal finance education they need to emerge in the best financial position possible.