Patrick Allmond

Patrick Allmond is a veteran, pilot, and 20 year entrepreneur based in Oklahoma City. People come to his agency Focus Digital to learn how to get a great return on their marketing dollar. Over those two decades as an entrepreneur he has run his ventures out of a home office and is no stranger to that “20 foot office commute” . He is an expert in showing high achievers how to use digital marketing for lead generation, social media and email marketing. In addition to consulting he travels the country speaking at events showing people how to generate results so they don’t waste their time or money.

Session: How to Run Your High Tech Home Office Just Like Your Corporate Office 

There is no doubt we are living in trying times. But there is also no rest for the ambitious. Your work still needs to get done but your company has told you to not leave your house. Well now what do you do? I’ve been working from home for almost 22 years. I’ve learned the pros, cons, and the tools you need to look professional even though you only walked 20 feet. We are going to focus on IT security, infrastructure, and the other items you need to consider to make sure you stay productive and secure while working from the extra bedroom. I plan to review topics like – how to look great on zoom meetings, how to install a desk phone at home, file and project collaboration, and how to make sure hackers can’t get into any of it.