Mark S A Smith

Mark works with executives and their teams to develop strategy and elegant go-to-market models that are easy to execute, measure, and manage, and create clear competitive advantage. He’s worked in 54 countries and six continents.

Heading his own consulting company since 1990, he’s researched & developed models and methods to predictably grow business through business leadership principles.

Mark is an electrical engineer, media technologist, computer programmer, hardware salesman, software marketer, business owner, executive coach, author, professional speaker, video producer, podcaster (The Selling Disruption™ Show), blogger, musician, and father of five Millennial children who do not live at home.

Mark’s authored many books, business case assessment tools, sales playbooks, go-to-market strategy guides, sales channel launch plans, business plan tools, video-based training systems, corporate webinars, and hundreds of articles and blogs. Books include Pivot to Profit from IT Disruption, Security in the Boardroom, Linux in the Boardroom, Guerrilla Negotiating, Guerrilla TeleSelling, & Guerrilla Trade Show Selling. Forthcoming: Selling Disruption & Executive Strategy Skills.

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Session 1: Leading ProfitAbility in Chaos: Principles for Dealing with Disruption

These are weird times, my friend. In weeks, we’ve gone from the best economy of all time to the worst economy any of us can remember. We’ve experienced unthinkable disruption to life, business, family, and friendship. How can you pilot through the chaos to not only make it through, but be in a stronger position when this insanity subsides?

In this enlightening and entertaining 60-minute conversation, Mark S A Smith shares insights from 40 years of business cycles, 30 years of business development, and 20 years of working with executives to grow their companies. You’ll leave this session with a check list of universal leadership action steps to take that you can use now and for the rest of your life.

You’ll discover:

Understanding the situational impact on you, your customers, and your team

Triage principles: where to focus and what to ignore

Key leadership principles for dealing with crisis

What to work on now, high gain actions that impact your future

Surviving the downturn, positioning for the upturn

Session 2: Making Sales in Chaos: What to Say When No One’s Buying

Unless you’re in specific markets, you’ve seen your business all but dry up and blow away. How can you reverse this trend? What are the right sales actions to take? How can you ask about business without seeming insensitive to your customer’s chaos? In this 30 minute session, Mark S A Smith shares principles of selling remotely in challenging times. Based on his book, “Guerrilla Tele Selling” coauthored with Jay Conrad Levinson and Orvel Ray Wilson, Mark details how to create meaningful remote relationships.

You’ll learn:

Understanding the real impact of your sales actions, present and future

How to respond when customers say, “All budgets are frozen right now.”

How to conduct conversations that advance your relationship

How to prioritize your day and know exactly what to do next