Mark DiMassimo

According to Wikipedia, “Mark DiMassimo is an American marketing and advertising executive, and a frequent commentator on issues in advertising, branding and their relationship to popular culture.[1] He is the founder and chief executive officer of DiMassimo Goldstein,[2] a marketing, design and advertising agency based in New York City.” A writer and creative entrepreneur who has helmed an independent agency through nearly a quarter-century of crisis and change, including the dot com bust, 9/11, and the Great Recession, Mark has led both creative departments and businesses from Madison Avenue to Main Street. His clients range from the Fortune 50 to start-ups, including many of our era’s great change agents. He’s written some books and some pretty good Forewords.

Session: Your Brand is Your Lifeboat: How to tap your identity to overcome fear, gain market share and come back stronger than ever.

Fight for your business. Fight for your brand. Fight for your career. Fight for your significance. Come out of this stronger and better.

A serial entrepreneur who founded a NYC advertising agency to study visionary entrepreneurs up close will share what he’s learned from these business artists about building brands, businesses and movements in and through crisis.

You’ll learn:
• The SINGLE most powerful concept in marketing and sales.

• How to use this master key to inspire yourself and others to creative action in the face of fear.

• How to get through this crisis without doing “desperate awful ordinary things.”

• How to use this time to make your brand – whether for your business, not-for-profit or your own professional identity – stronger than you ever imagined.

“Inspiring Action” is Mark’s mantra, and you’ll come out of this session ready to take inspiring action for your brand.